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Hot Shot

#9 Guard

They call him the “Michael Jordan of dwarf basketball,” standing 4 foot 5 “Hot Shot” Swanson joins the Harlem Globetrotters as the shortest player in team history.

Swanson was born with dwarfism, a genetic condition, but didn’t keep him from following his passion. He was first introduced to basketball as a toddler and grew up idolizing NBA legend Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson.

Hot Shot played for Monroe College, a junior college in the Bronx and played professionally with other touring exhibition teams.

Years of hard work and dedication led Swanson to amass a large following of his own on social media. He sent waves through the internet captivating thousands of fans, celebrities and the Globetrotters with his amazing handles, lighting speed and agility on the court. His videos on social media have garnered millions of views, including a shout out from NBA star Kyrie Irving on his # KyrieChallenge video.

Hot Shot has played and won, one on one games against celebrities like Jamie Foxx and pro athletes like Terrell Owens. His pregame rituals include netting a minimum of 50 basketball shots and confesses he studies the basketball court and envisions his game plan prior to each performance. Hot Shot was featured on CNN’s popular “Great Big Story” series in February of 2020.

When he’s not playing basketball, he enjoys speaking with kids and encouraging them to follow their dreams. He has such a passion for kids that he sees himself becoming a social worker after his playing career to help families and children.

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  Hometown: New York, NY

  Monroe College (NY)