Forward | 5'6

Ace Porter


Hometown | San Antonio, TX

St. Mary's University

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Bringing the moves on and off the court, Ace Porter's ball-handling brilliance adds a new star to the Globetrotters' line up.

The 2023 rookie loves to entertain, saying that her favorite part of being a Globetrotter is "making people smile." You can catch the quick-footed forward dropping dimes all day while on tour or on Tiktok perfecting her off-court moves.

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Career Highlights and Awards

Ace joins the team making this squad the largest female roster in Globetrotters history.

Career History

  • 2023 Rookie

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Movies: "Like Mike," "Love and Basketball," "Juwanna Mann"
  • Favorite Trick Shot: 180 Slam Layup, Spin on Finger Layup


Come ball with us on and off the court.

Wilt Chamberlain (13), Marques Haynes (20), Curly Neal (22), Tex Harrison (34), Geese Ausbie (35), Meadowlark Lemon (36), Goose Tatum (50), Hallie Bryant (32)