Wham Wham


#40 Guard

Wham Middleton’s lightning quick speed and dazzling passing isn’t the only magical illusion he brings to the court for the Harlem Globetrotters. The 5-6 playmaker’s sleight of hand ability goes back to the age of seven, when he fell in love with card tricks and magical performances.

“My great grandfather taught me my first card trick when I was seven years old,” said Wham. “I’ve always been fascinated with magic, and I feel like my skills on the court are equally magical.”

Known in basketball circles as a streetballer who can play hoops at a world-class level, Wham owns two Guinness World Records titles, including the most bounced basketball figure eight moves blindfolded in one minute (63, set in 2019) and the farthest behind-the-back basketball shot (45 feet, six inches, set in 2020). He is one of the Globetrotters’ top dribblers and can also hit the four-point shot from long range with accuracy.

A native of Lilburn, Ga., Wham played in the North American Basketball League (NABL) for the Savannah Cavaliers before joining the Globetrotters in 2018 and being named the team’s top rookie. He also played baseball and football growing up and credits his grandfather and dad for falling in love with hoops.

The oldest of three kids in his family (he has two younger sisters), Wham attended Savannah State University and studied public relations and advertising. Fame runs in his family, as actor and comedian Chris Tucker is his cousin.

When he’s not on the court, Wham enjoys swimming, playing NBA2K and hanging out with his dog Nyla, a West Highland White Terrier.

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5' 7"
Fun Facts

  Hometown: Atlanta, GA

  Savannah State