Flip Flip


#19 Guard

Flip White comes from a family where basketball was always a part of life.  He was introduced to the game at the age of four, and one of his fondest basketball memories was his father holding him up to the hoop to dunk the basketball when he was a kid. Flip’s grandparents also used to take him to Globetrotters games. “I love entertaining people and putting smiles on their faces,” says Flip. “Being a Globetrotter means everything to me.”

Flip is known on the court for his acrobatics and unbelievable athleticism. In fact, his agility led him to compete on three seasons of NBC’s  popular show “American Ninja Warrior” and CBS’ “Tough Mudder X.”

Football and track were sports Flip played too – he feels he would have made a good pro football receiver – and he was a high jumper growing up (he has a 47-inch vertical leap). To give you an idea of just how high Flip can soar on the basketball court, in a college game in 2005, he was defending against a dunk, and his arm got pinned against the backboard. The rubber protector surrounding the glass backboard came loose, and the exposed glass sliced Flip’s elbow … an injury for which he needed 22 stitches.

Despite being only six feet tall, Flip’s hops and athleticism are so good that he averaged 11 rebounds a game – to go along with 18 points a game – during his career at Moraine Valley Community College (Ill.).

Someday, Flip would be interested in trying his hand at architecture (his favorite subject in school was math). He also feels he would make a good personal trainer, as he considers himself a workout fiend.  He loves to sing as well.

The Globetrotters star has visited all 50 states in the U.S. during his travels with the world famous team.

When asked about his hobbies, Flip says he enjoys spending most of his free time with family, but he admits that one thing he would love to try someday is skydiving.

Look for Flip to be plummeting to earth after high-flying dunks when the Globetrotters come to a city near you.

Things to Know
6' 0"
Fun Facts

  I’ve competed on the popular television show, “American Ninja Warrior” twice.

  Hometown: Summit, IL

  Moraine Valley Community College (IL)