Bull Bull


#33 Guard

A 2008 Globetrotters draftee, Bull Bullard (BULL-urd) is proof positive that a person can overcome adversity to achieve their goals. Bull grew up in the foster care system, so he was on his own a lot, and he had to avoid all of the traps that come with the drugs, crime and gang activity that was prevalent in his neighborhood. He believes all of that made him stronger and more focused on reaching his aspirations.

Bull actually didn’t like basketball when he was introduced to the sport at the age of seven, but when he became a teenager, his foster mother encouraged him to play, because she felt it would be productive for him. He fell in love with the game, and there were many coaches along the way that cultivated that love for the sport to help Bull be successful.

“Bull is one of the most versatile Harlem Globetrotter players in the past 25 years,” said Sweet Lou Dunbar, who played for the Globetrotters for 24 seasons before becoming a coach and director of player personnel for the organization. “The Globetrotters originally drafted him as a dunker, but he has developed his overall game with hard work and has become a terrific dribbler and a consistent long-range shooter, especially with our 4-point shot.”

The first time Bull ever dunked was at the age of 13, and he developed into an exceptional leaper, taking that ability all the way to the college slam dunk championship at the 2008 Final Four, where he finished second and garnered one of only two perfect scores awarded in the competition. He was drafted by the Globetrotters later that year.

Bull’s athleticism is so impressive, in 2012 he made it to the Las Vegas finals of the popular obstacle course competition show, “American Ninja Warrior,” without ever having seen any of the obstacles. In total, he’s appeared on three seasons of “American Ninja Warrior.” Bull also tackled a mile long course, which featured 10 obstacles and 10 workout stations, during an appearance on CBS’ “Tough Mudder” – known as the toughest mile on the planet. The New York Jets also invited him to their rookie camp in 2008, even though Bull has never played football.

This Globetrotters star has participated in three official Guinness World Records Days and owns four official titles. In 2017, Bull helped his teammates achieve the Guinness World Records title for the most half court shots made in an hour, with a staggering 348 shots. On Nov. 8, 2018, he cemented his own name in the record books with the farthest summersault basketball shot, which was made at 58 feet, 1.25 inches away from the court and in 2019 Bull Bullard broke two records for the furthest under the legs basketball shot made at 62 feet and 10.38 inches as well as the farthest behind-the-back basketball shot at 42 feet 6.5 inches.

Bull’s journey has instilled in him a strong desire to give back and help kids achieve their goals. “I hate to see youngsters that are lost or on the wrong path. I enjoy mentoring kids, and I tell them to never give up and stay positive and focused. If you stick to that, you will be destined for great things in life.”

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6' 4"
Fun Facts

  Prior to joining the Globetrotters, the NFL’s New York Jets invited me to their rookie camp, even though I’ve never played organized football!

  Hometown: Detroit, MI

  Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi