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We teamed up with world class designers to develop a new spin on the iconic Globetrotters uniforms. Read below to learn about the details and design process.

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Balancing Tradition and Innovation

The Globetrotters have been basketball icons since 1926. While it was important for the look to innovate and modernize,
we felt that it was equally important to balance the strong tradition of basketball royalty.

Iconic Globetrotter Elements

One way of balancing our rich history was pulling from all of the iconic Globetrotters design elements. Our designers used 95 years
of imagery to develop the most consistent and historically accurate layouts.



The Globetrotters were known for their sense of swag, and they are credited as being the OG’s of basketball culture. This look re-establishes the team as a fresh, swaggy, and confident squad that is ready to take on any challenge.


The Full Look

The Globetrotters are thrilled to step back on the court with this sleek, innovative uniform. While it is the first black uniform in the team’s
95 year history, it honors the iconic style with subtle stars and stripes. The uniform also keeps the original “Harlem Globetrotters” script on the
front of the uniform, while mixing up the back with a style that is sure to make you smile.

Every Detail Matters

From a neck tape that honors Globertotters legends, to the original globe logo, our team paid attention to every detail in the new designs.
This jersey tells a story, and we’re thrilled for our fans to discover all of the hidden features when we go back on tour.

Sketches of the new jersey design elements

Meet The Designers

Dustin O. Canalin

Dustin O. Canalin

Dustin Canalin is a multi disciplinary Creative Director, Product Designer and Artist currently working in New York City under his namesake design agency DOC® STUDIO & sportswear brand Trophy Hunting®

A respected basketball and lifestyle expert, Dustin was at the helm of the Nike and NBA partnership throughout the 2017 & 2018 Seasons. He also directed Nike Basketball’s “Special Projects,” creating a new vision for collaboration and Signature Athlete collections.

Prior to Nike, Dustin founded UNDRCRWN Footwear & Apparel, where he was able to create a new category combining the culture of basketball and fashion.

Since entering the industry in 1999, he has led creative design at And1, Ecko Unltd., Zoo York, Mitchell & Ness and adidas. His collaborative partnerships have included work with brands like UNDFTD, adidas, EASports, UA/StephenCurry, PUMA BASKETBALL, OVERTIME The NBA and many other notable lifestyle brands.

Kari Cruz

Kari Cruz

Kari Cruz is a NY born and based Creative Director. She’s currently at the helm of the brand & design consultancy known as UNDRCRWN®. Cruz’s 10+ years in the industry speak to her ability to apply her exquisite taste, vivid story telling and understanding of sports culture to the most influential brands in the world. Her work consistently champions “design through the lens of art, triumph & sports culture.

Her portfolio of clients have included: Trophy Hunting, adidas, Nike, The Food Network, CBS and MTV

For more info:  @UNDRCRWN  /  @cruziie

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