Your Vote Decides the Globetrotters’ New Basketball Rule


The idea behind The Globetrotters new World Tour show, "Fans Rule" that YOU decide the new rule we add to Globetrotters basketball, a rule that could affect the outcome of the game!

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Make or Miss
This quarter starts with 2 players from each team.  In order to get more players on the court the teams need to score.  Each time a team scores another player from that team may enter the court.  However,  for every shot the team misses they lose a player.
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Hot Hand Jersey
Both teams will have a hot hand jersey that they can pass among each other to wear during this quarter.  The player that is wearing this jersey will be awarded double points when they score.
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Trick Shot Challenge
Each team has 3 trick shot challenges during this quarter.  If the team makes the trick shot challenge they get 5 points.  If they miss the other team gets the 5 points.
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6 on 5
FIVE Globetrotters will play SIX opponents??? How will The Globetrotters get out of THAT jam?
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TWO Ball Basketball.
Yeah, you read that right. Globetrotter basketball played with TWO balls at the same time? Craziest idea ever? How will THAT work?!

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