World Record 66 Blocked Shots in a Game

7'8 Paul 'Tiny' Sturgess of the Harlem Globetrotters is in the Guinness World Records as the world's tallest professional basketball player.  In last night's championship game, Tiny added two more world records. 

Tiny blocked every single field goal attempt by the International Elite, en route to a world-record-setting 66 blocks in a game.  The Globetrotters also won 85-0, making it the first ever professional basketball game shutout.  When asked about his unbelievable defensive performance, Tiny was quoted saying "It's really not that hard.  I'm 7'8.  All I have to do is stand at the basket and grab the ball before it goes in.  I don't even have to jump."  

Without any sort of defensive goaltending rule in place, Tiny is on course to rewrite the record books.

FAKE STORY DISCLAIMER:  The story above did NOT happen, but it could have if the defensive goaltending rule was never introduced.  Through the years, the rules of basketball have changed, and now they're changing again.  In the Globetrotters "You Write the Rules" tour, YOU get to choose the rule you want to see in the game.  Anything could happen, so vote for #YOURRULE now. Click here to learn more about how the rules work.

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