What to Expect at a Globetrotter Summer Basketball Clinic

Find out what summer camp with the Harlem Globetrotters is like with our Summer Basketball Clinics.

Our Summer Basketball Clinics are two hours jam-packed with fun games, tricks, drills and moves inspired by our show. With no experience necessary, these clinics are designed to be a blast for kids aged 6-12. While no two clinics are exactly the same, here's an outline of what you can expect when you register for a clinic:


Check-InArrive 30 minutes before your clinic is scheduled to begin. After you check-in, head into the gym to shoot around with Globetrotters basketballs provided until the session begins. 


Let the Fun BeginWhen it's time to start, take a seat at half court and get ready to meet your Globetrotter coaches. They'll even show you a few tricks! 


StretchGet loose as the Globetrotters take you through some exercises to get you ready for the day. While you stretch, the players will share some tips on how to stay healthy and safe when you play. 


Warm Up - Globetrotter StyleForget boring basketball drills. We're talking jumbo Globetrotter gear dress-up relay races,  trick passing drills and fancy dribbling. 


Off the Court Xs and OsAs a break in between games and drills, your coaches will emphasize some important messages about bullying prevention and being a good teammate off the court.   

 Globetrotter Tricks StationsEveryone knows the Globetrotters for their ball handling, pranks on the other team and trick shots. It's your turn to learn some now! 

ScrimmagePlayers will divide teams by age and ability and let you use some of the new moves you just learned in a real game setting. Who knows, they may jump in and play with you too! 

Magic Circle We begin every game with our Magic Circle. You'll get the chance to learn it too with your friends at the end of the clinic. 


 Certificates, Autographs and PhotographsAt the end of every session, the players will pass out your certificate of completion along with your new Globetrotter nickname. Then line up for autographs and photographs before it's time to go home. 



 See you this summer!