Trevor Books Trotter Tribute

Trevor Brooks of the Utah Jazz receives Globetrotters' "Trotter Tribute" for incredible no look tap shot.

The world famous Harlem Globetrotters are honoring Trevor Brooks of the Utah Jazz, with a “Trotter Tribute,” in recognition of his spectacular no look tap shot in a recent home game.

Trevor Books bats a shot backwards over his own head – Globetrotters-style – with 0.2 seconds to beat the shot clock against the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

The “Trotter Tribute” honors athletes from all sports throughout the world whose play calls to mind the dazzling showmanship of “the world’s most famous team.”

The honor is designed to recognize amazing and entertaining moments during the course of competition.  Members of the media often refer to unbelievable plays as “Globetrotter-esque,” signifying fantastic athletic feats, as well as the unique trademark the team has emblazoned in incorporating entertainment into sports.