Top 13 Moments of 2013: Moments 13-7

New Year's is only a few days away! We've had a crazy year thanks to our fans so we'd like to recap the Top 13 Moments of 2013. Here are moments 13-7: 

13.  Globetrotters on TV

Aside from reruns of previously recorded shows and appearances (Scooby Doo, anyone?), the team was on all sorts of shows this year. Let's see, there's our ESPN Special, Cupcake Wars, How I Met Your Mother and The Crazy Ones just to name a few...

12.  Trotter Tributes 

You won't believe what you see when you watch these: a two year old trick shot master, 143 point collegiate basketball game (oh yeah, by one player!), a beautiful through-the-legs shot in hockey and finally one of the most incredible shots we've ever seen at the high school level.


11.  Junior Phenom Award Winners

Our Junior Phenom Awards are given out to kids who display exceptional Globetrotter Spirit like teamwork, helping others, sportsmanship and getting involved in the community. This year we had three inspiring Junior Phenoms- a 3-point shooting ace with down syndrome, a brother whose only Christmas wish was for classmates to stop bullying his sister and a football team who designed a secret play for their teammate with learning disabilites to score a touchdown.


10.  Play Like a Pro Tutorials

Want to play like the Globetrotters? You'll have to start by practicing like them. With our Summer Clinic program, the players put together tutorial videos for fans to watch and practice their skills wherever they want.


9.  2014 Rookie Class

There's a LOT of talent in this rookie class. College Slam Dunk finalist, a phenomenal female in Globetrotter history and two high-flying dunkers who you don't even want to attempt to guard! 

8.  The Trotter Bounce

Mark Ballas, choreographer from Dancing With The Stars, helped us put together a dance that you, the fans, ended up choosing the name for. Now officially called The Trotter Bounce, we'll be performing our new dance at ever game on tour this year! Watch our video, practice and dance with us!


7.  Military Tour 

The chance to entertain our troops and bring them a slice of home is one of our favorite things. We even created special camo jerseys this year! We had an amazing time and especially enjoyed bringing back a holiday message from one military captain to his son. Watch it HERE. 

Can you guess what moments 1-6 will be?  Make sure to check back on New Year's Eve when we reveal our top 6! See the top 6 HERE.

-The Harlem Globetrotters