Top 12 Moments of 2012: Part 2

Way back in 2012, we introduced you to our Top 12 Moments of 2012 list and gave you moments 7-12.  Now that we've made it to 2013, here is the conclusion to our countdown with moments 1-6.


6.  2 Shattered Backboards

 Most basketball fans have heard of backboards breaking due to powerful dunks.  It's a very rare occurance that may happen a few times a year at most.  During a trip to Ecuador, we shattered not one, but TWO backboards.  Thunderous dunks from both Stretch Middleton and Jet Williams brought the house down, including the basketball hoops.  While we don't know this for certain, we're willing to bet this is the first time there has ever been TWO shattered backboards in one game.  Too crazy to believe?  Watch the footage for yourself.

5.  Trick Shots 

 After months of development (which you can read about here), we launched our first full mobile game, Trick Shots.  In Trick Shots, you get to play as an actual Globetrotter masting the art of the trick shot by shooting a basketball around various obstacles.  Trick Shots is an award-winning game available for both Apple and Android powered phones, and the best part is it's absolutely free!  Start playing Trick Shots today. 

4.  Military Tour 

 On our 11th Military Tour, one of the countries we visited was Afghanistan, bringing our tally to 121 countries visited in our 87-year history.  We had an amazing time giving our Military a little slice of home performing at numerous military bases with custom-made camo jerseys and basketballs.  Don't miss our Military Tour highlights including Firefly's surprise reunion with an old high school friend. 

3.  ABCs of Bullying Prevention- Anti-Bullying Campaign

Continuing our outreach as "Ambassadors of Goodwill"™, we officially announced our new anti-bullying program, ABCs of Bullying Prevention, earlier this year.  Our program was developed, in coordination with the National Campaign to Stop Violence, to discourage bullying and increase empathy in both teachers and faculty.  We will be visiting over 300 schools this year in our community outreach efforts.  Everyone has an important role to play in bringing bullying to an end.  See how you can help us with the ABCs of Bullying Prevention.

2.  Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative

During our October exhibition game in Brooklyn, we wore custom-made pink uniforms and played with pink basketballs to signify our breast cancer awareness initiative.  The extra special thing is this wasn't just because it was breast cancer awareness month.  We've taken breast cancer awareness and made it a tour long initiative.  We will be playing each game on our 2013 tour with a pink basketball to help raise awareness for breast cancer.  Big Easy, Dizzy and TNT talked about our tour long initiative on NBC-TV's "Today".

1.  'You Write the Rules' Tour

 And we've finally made it to number one.  Half of New Year's is reflecting on the past year; the other half is looking ahead.  We're taking fan participation to an entirely new level this year, and we couldn't be more excited about it.  In 2012 we announced plans for our 2013 tour, 'You Write the Rules', where our fans will be able to vote on the rules we use in the game.  Rules range from 2 basketballs in play at the same time to double the points for every basket made so after you get your Globetrotter tickets, make sure you vote for your favorite rule!

 This marks the end of our Top 12 Globetrotter Moments of 2012.  What are your 2012 highlights?  Happy New Year's and we look forward to seeing you on tour this year.

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-The Harlem Globetrotters

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