Summer Basketball Camp Vs. Globetrotter Basketball Clinics

Summer basketball camp just got WAY more fun with the Globetrotters Summer Basketball Clinics!

Find out how with these five Globetrotters Summer Basketball Clinic features. If this sounds like something for you or you know someone who would enjoy joining us on the court this summer, make sure to SHARE this using the links above.

1. Globetrotter Basketball Clinics are Jam-Packed with FUN

It's at an all time high this year. Our clinic program got some major updates this year inspired by the games, moves and tricks you see in our show! Dribble on your back? Spin a basketball on your finger? Use Globetrotter props for hilarious tricks? Check, check and check.

2. Best Basketball Coaches Ever

You've seen them in games, TV and in YouTube videos but now they're going to be your coach for two hours. Our clinics are the only place where you'll get to be coached by players from the team you see on tour! 

3. Free Ticket to a Globetrotters Game

Not only will you get to play tons of games during your clinic, you'll get a FREE ticket valued up to $40 to come see the Globetrotters play on their 2015 tour!

4. Autographs, Photographs, Certificates and Nicknames

Every participant will leave their clinic with a personalized certificate, new Globetrotter nickname and photograph/autograph opportunity with the players!

5. Learn Valuable Lessons On and Off the Court

Our Summer Basketball Clinics aren't just fun and games...well, actually they are, but prepare to learn more than Xs and Os as the players share teamwork, character building and bully prevention tips too!