Skydiving Accident Survivor Granted Wish by Globetrotter

16-year old Makenzie Wethington fell 3,000+ feet in a skydiving accident last week when her parachute didn’t fully open.  While rehabbing at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas, Makenzie’s family posted on social media about Makenzie’s disappointment over missing the Globetrotters game in Dallas (Feb. 1) because of her injuries.  She was hoping to meet the team. 

Bull rescheduled a flight on Wednesday, Feb. 5 and spent time with Makenzie and her family.  Makenzie, who is walking and back spinning basketballs, traded stories and tricks with Bull.  Bull had his own scare recently when a hoop crashed on him in Honduras.  

Watch footage of Bull's scary hoop collapse and shattered backboard. 

Bull brought the Globetrotters game ball for Makenzie and we wish her a quick and speedy recovery. #MakenzieStrong!