Secret Revealed to 100% Free Throw Shooting Season

This past season, Prince, of the Harlem Globetrotters, accomplished a feat that has never been done in the history of basketball.  Over the course of the season, he shot an incredible 100% from the free throw line.  The previous record, held by Jose Calderon, was 98.05% from the charity stripe.

In the world of basketball, there are multiple schools of thought when it comes to approaching free throw shooting.  Some coaches stress the importance of practice, others the importance of your mental approach.  We recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Prince where he revealed his secret to shooting 100% from the free throw line.

"My secret is simple.  Jump.  For me, it's not mental, and I don't even need to practice that much.  I can dunk a ball jumping from the free throw line so that's what I do.  It's a high percentage shot and as long as I'm healthy, you can bet I'll be making my free throws."

FAKE STORY DISCLAIMER:  The story above did NOT happen, but it could have if keeping both feet behind the free throw line rule was never introduced.  Through the years, the rules of basketball have changed, and now they're changing again.  In the Globetrotters "You Write the Rules" tour, you get choose the rule you want to see in the game.  Anything could happen, so vote for #YOURRULE now. Click here to learn more about how the rules work.

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