Rockin' Gals of the Globetrotters

With three outstanding female additions in the past two years, TNT in 2012, then Mighty and T-Time in this years' 2013 Rookie Class, the total number of females to don the red white and blue is now up to eleven.  You can see TNT, Mighty and T-Time in action this year*, and here are their stories.

1.  'TNT' Maddox

TNT joined the Globetrotters in 2012 as the 9th female Globetrotter in our history.  Graduating from Temple University in 2007, TNT played overseas before joining the Globetrotters.  A multi-sport athlete growing up, TNT now excels on the court and enjoys skating, playin pool, drawing and painting.  Her role model is three-time Olympic gold medalist, Dawn Staley, who coached TNT at Temple, and taught her how to balance being a player, taking care of her family and giving back to the community.

2.  'T-Time' Brawner

T-Time joined the Globetrotters with Mighty this year becoming the 10th and 11th females in Globetrotter history.  T-Time, a graduate of Dominican University of California, was a standout on the court while earning an MBA in global business management.  T-Time hopes to inspire girls on and off the court, and plans to get involved in coaching basketball after her playing career.

3. 'Mighty' Mitchell

Mighty joined the Globetrotters with T-Time this year becoming the 10th and 11th females in Globetrotter history. Mighty graduated from Dillard University where she was a three-time all conference selection and earned her degree in public health.  Mighty loves cooking , her Teacup Poodle and looks forward to meeting fans all around the world.

*Please note that rosters for live events are always subject to change.

Globetrotter History: Can you name the first eight female Globetrotters who paved the way for female athletes around the world?  Your answer can be found here.

-The Harlem Globetrotters


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