Middle School Wrestlers Receive Junior Phenom Award

A wrestling match between seventh graders, Jared Stevens and Justin Kievit, has earned them both Junior Phenom Awards from the Harlem Globetrotters.  Jared Stevens is a seventh grader with cerebral palsy.  He is a member of his school's wrestling team in Tennessee and a dedicated athlete that practices every day with the team.  Justin Kievet is a seventh grader as well, captain of a neighboring Tennessee middle school wrestling team and knows the true meaning of sportsmanship.  Justin was Jared's opponent in Jared's first wrestling match.  After the opponents shook hands, the match began and the rest, we'll leave to the video.



Jared's inspiring dedication to his sport and Justin's exemplary display of sportsmanship is a perfect demonstration of what we like to call, 'Globetrotter Spirit', which embodies all the aspects of what being a Globetrotter is all about, including the character traits we teach children. Globetrotter Spirit includes traits and actions, like helping others, assisting in the community, demonstrating outstanding teamwork, sportsmanship and being a positive role model.    

The Junior Phenom Awards are our way of saying thank you, and applauding those individuals who go above and beyond.  We want to acknowledge Jared and Justin and thank them for setting such a great example, so both Jared and Justin will be receiving our Junior Phenom Award for demonstrating Globetrotter Spirit. 

Jared and Justin will be receiving their very own Junior Phenom Award certificate, as well as tickets for their families to see the Globetrotters live in Nashville on January 13.  We hope their story inspires the Globetrotter spirit in you.  

-The Harlem Globetrotters

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