Join the Harlem Globetrotters Fan Club; Win Awesome Globetrotter Prizes

The best way to win Globetrotter prizes is to join Globetrotter Nation program!
Is there a Harlem Globetrotter fan club?

Yes, and it's called Globetrotter Nation. Globetrotter Nation gives Globetrotter super-fans a way to become part of the team! Members will receive exclusive Globetrotter news and information on events, contests, and more using social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. By connecting social networks, Globetrotter Nation members will maximize their sharing efforts by earning points to qualify for awesome one-of-a-kind Globetrotter prizes available ONLY to members. Learn more.

Can I join the Globetrotters fan club?

You can join the super-fans in Globetrotter Nation. Globetrotter fans 13 years old or older who reside in the continental United States are eligible to join.


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Do I get free Globetrotter stuff like a Fan Pack?

Globetrotter Nation members will receive exclusive content available only to members of the program. They'll also be the first to know about special events and promotions.

How do I become an official member of the Globetrotters fan club?

Joining Globetrotter Nation is as easy as 1, 2, 3…4!

1. JOIN – Join Globetrotter Nation by connecting one of your social networks.2. CONNECT – Follow the Globetrotters on leading social networks and keep an eye out for exclusive news for Globetrotter Nation members.3. SHARE – The more Globetrotter news you share, the more points you earn.4. EARN TO WIN –Points earned by social sharing will increase your eligibility for exclusive prizes and give-aways!

How do I win Globetrotter prizes and tickets?

Globetrotter Nation members earn points by sharing their exclusive Globetrotter content with their friends through social networks.  You can then use those points for sweepstakes and prizes like Globetrotter game tickets, merchandise, autographs and memorabilia.  Globetrotter sweepstakes are available exclusively to members and feature once-in-a-lifetime prizes. 

What’s the very first prize in the awesome Globetrotter Nation sweepstakes?

Put me in a Globetrotter Video Sweepstakes. What's better than watching a Globetrotter video? Starring in one!  Every year, millions of fans watch Globetrotter videos on our "Amazing Feats of Basketball" YouTube channel. We bet you've watched 7'8" Tiny's No Jump Dunk, Globetrotter Football, and Dizzy's impersonations of LeBron and Jordan that also aired on ESPN - right?  Now it could be YOUR turn in front of the camera! One lucky Globetrotter Nation member will star with our players in our next YouTube video. We'll get you to the set where you'll meet our stars and we'll create a great role just for you. Trust us - we'll make you look good.

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-The Harlem Globetrotters