Interview With World Record Holder, Thunder Law

The world record for Longest Successful Basketball Shot was set today by Globetrotters rookie, Thunder Law.

A pretty amazing achievement in just his first few months on the team. In an interview with Thunder, we found out what it's really like to break a world record.

Guinness World Records® record Holder Interview

What did you think when you were first asked to attempt this world record?

I didn't know what to think at first, because I had never tried a shot from that distance before. It seemed nearly impossible.

What was your training or preparation?

I just worked on a lot of flexibility, because I was preparing as if I was going to be shooting the shot for several hours straight, and I didn't want to pull any muscles.

What was your strategy or approach to going for the record, when you stepped on court?

Not a lot of strategy; I just wanted to hit the shot.  I really look up to Buckets and Slick - my teammates that were shooting with me - and I thought I could earn some "cool points/respect" if a rookie could break a world record.

What was it like when you lined up to take that shot? What was going through your head?

Ball, please go in, before my shoulder gives out!

What world record will you attempt next?

It might be fun to try the world's longest hook shot.

What did your mom say when you told her?

She said, "Oh my goodness! Get out of here! Are you serious! I'm proud of you, baby!"

What was your best Trick Shot before you made the record?

If you come see a Harlem Globetrotters game, you might get to see one of my favorite trick shots: a cartwheel with a two-hand dunk.

What would it be like at the show if they included voting for this shot as an option for the 2014 "Fans Rule" Tour?

It would be an honor. I'd love to shoot it in front of our loyal Globetrotter fans.

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