Insider Globetrotter Advice for Balling Like a Pro

Free throws, pick & roll, warming up, spinning the ball...and more!

Globetrotter basketball is full of awesome skills and thrills that makes fans get to their feet and cheer! Have you ever watched the Globetrotters with your kids and have them ask you, "How did they DO that?" Well, we have just the thing for you to share with your child: an awesome series of videos that will help your child make great strides to balling like a pro!

Globetrotter Advice for Balling Like a Pro

Fire Fly

"You need to use more of your legs; you need to follow your shot; and you need to take your time."


For Beginners

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Firefly and Big Easy—with the help of their teammates Scooter, Cheese, Bull, and Hammer—demonstrate some Awesome Globetrotter Drills that will teach your child how to warm-up, improve ball-handling, and get pumped up before a good practice or game!

For Intermediate-Level Players

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How to Make a Harlem Globetrotter 4-Point Shot with Bull and Slick.

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Firefly, with help from his teammate Scooter, demonstrates how to execute the Highly Effective Step-back dribble

For Advanced-Players Looking to Add Some Globetrotter Style

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How to be a Great Dunker with exercise tips to help you get there.

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And, of course, everyone loves how much style the Globetrotters bring to the game. One of their most popular moves is Spinning the Ball Globetrotter Style. Watch as Slick and Scooter show you how!

There's no Beating Hard Work and Dedication

A great lesson to stress to your child is that while size and talent help, there's no beating hard work and dedication.

At 5'2", Globetrotter Jonte "Too Tall" Hall has the distinction of being the shortest member in team history. However, his amazing ball handling skills and athleticism earned him a spot on the Globetrotter team and he wows audiences during every game!

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Check out this amazing video of 5'2" Too Tall Dunk!

*Player rosters in each clinic city will vary and are subject to change.


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