Happy Birthday Jet

October is here – and not only does that mean it’s time to start picking out a Halloween costume, but it’s also time to celebrate five Harlem Globetrotters’ birthdays. Handles, Special K, “The Shot”, Jet, and Hawk have the same birthdays as some other well-known people, and maybe one of them even has the same birthday as you.

Jet fell in love with basketball at 4 years old when his parents gave him a basketball for Christmas, and his love for the sport continued throughout his life. He earned his degree in business management and played basketball at the University of North Carolina-Asheville, where he became the school’s all-time leader in blocked shots and third on the all-time shot-blocking list in conference history, even though he is just 6 feet 3 inches tall. Blocking shots isn’t the only thing he can do; in 2011, he was invited to the College Slam Dunk Championship at the Final Four, where he finished second. He took his high-flying skills to the Globetrotters, and he even shattered two backboards dunking during a 2012 tour of Ecuador. Now in his third season with the Globetrotters, Jet enjoys fishing, golfing and going to movies to watch actors like Steve Carell and Will Ferrell on the big screen, but if he could write the rules in life, he would make movie snacks less expensive. If he could be a fictional character, he would be Harry Potter, because he thinks he would make one cool wizard.

Also born on October 27: Theodore Roosevelt (former president of the United States), Andrew Bynum (NBA center for the Cleveland Cavaliers), Brady Quinn (NFL quarterback for the New York Jets), Kelly Osbourne (“Fashion Police” co-host)

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-The Harlem Globetrotters