Happy Birthday Hawk

October is here – and not only does that mean it’s time to start picking out a Halloween costume, but it’s also time to celebrate five Harlem Globetrotters’ birthdays. Handles, Special K, “The Shot”, Jet, and Hawk have the same birthdays as some other well-known people, and maybe one of them even has the same birthday as you.

World-class dunker Hawk Thomas was first introduced to the sport of basketball at the age of 16. The rookie Globetrotter once blew out his knee during his freshman year in college and nearly saw his basketball dreams vanish before his eyes. Determined not to let this injury define him, Hawk worked hard to overcome his knee injury and even graduated from North Carolina State University within three years. He then transferred to Marshall University in 2010, where he played his final season of collegiate basketball.  During his college career, Hawk was named to the All-ACC Academic Team in 2009 and the Conference USA All-Academic Team in 2011.  Hawk is currently pursuing a master’s degree in sports administration from Marshall. This Globetrotter says the most unique thing he has ever done was move to Germany to live at one point. In his free time, Hawk enjoys playing video games, working out and drawing. His favorite foods include ham, bacon and pineapple pizza and cookies-and-cream ice-cream. If Hawk could be on a reality show it would be, “Dancing with the Stars.”

Also born on October 31: Willow Smith (singer and actress), Vanilla Ice (rapper), Christopher Columbus (Italian explorer), Rob Schneider (actor/comedian), Peter Jackson (director) Dan Rather (former CBS news anchor) 

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-The Harlem Globetrotters