Happy Birthday Handles

October is here – and not only does that mean it’s time to start picking out a Halloween costume, but it’s also time to celebrate four Harlem Globetrotters’ birthdays. Handles, Special K, “The Shot” and Jet have the same birthdays as some other well-known people, and maybe one of them even has the same birthday as you.

Handles wanted to be a Globetrotter ever since he saw the Globetrotters’ cartoon in the 1970s while he was growing up in Harrisburg, Penn. He caught the attention of the Harlem Globetrotters when he was featured on TV commercials from 2000-2004 free-styling with other basketball stars like Paul Pierce and Vince Carter. This is Handles’ seventh season with the Globetrotters, and he has played basketball with President Barack Obama at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, among other cool things. Handles also would love the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Oprah Winfrey, because he thinks they would have some interesting conversations. You’ll know how he got his nickname when you see him dribble while he lies on the floor and spins around. Handles is terrified of heights, which makes him thankful that he’s not as tall as his 7-foot-4 teammate, Stretch Middleton. 

Also born on October 5: Grant Hill (retired NBA forward), Jesse Palmer (former NFL quarterback for the New York Giants), Bernie Mac (former actor/comedian), Jesse Eisenberg (actor), Kate Winslet (actress)

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-The Harlem Globetrotters