Globetrotters Opening Day Arrives, Fans Choose the Rules

The Globetrotters highly anticipated 'You Write the Rules' tour begins today.

Following another great training camp and then an exhibition game in Brooklyn, opening day has finally arrived for our 2013 'You Write the Rules' tour.  During the North American leg of our 2013 tour, we will be playing over 270 games in nearly 240 cities across the United States and Canada.  Check our schedule today to find out when we're coming to a city near you.  

 But the fun doesn't stop there.  For the first time ever, we're putting all the power in your hands.  Before every game, fans will be able to decide the rules for that game that could affect the final outcome.  This could be anything from playing with two basketballs at once, to getting double the points for each basket made.  After you get your tickets, make sure to cast your vote for your favorite rule.  The rule with the most votes will be used in the actual game.  See you in a city near you!


-The Harlem Globetrotters

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