Globetrotters in the Community - Finding Inspiration

While most people know the Globetrotters for our in-game antics and impressive record of nearly 25,000 wins, the majority of our work is done off the court. During every tour and in every off-season, the players try to make as many appearances at community centers, hospitals and schools as possible acting as ambassadors of goodwill. We are involved in two campaigns aimed at developing character and educating the youth about the benefits of health and fitness. Click these links to learn more about the C.H.E.E.R. and S.P.I.N. programs.

The players love getting out in the community to meet fans and inspire the youth.  More often then not though, the amazing fans we meet end up inspiring the players too. We would like to send a huge thank you out to some of the people who keep us giving 110% every day!

Dizzy Grant in Bowling Green

Jalen Howray:  We had the privilege of meeting Jalen at his school, Galena Park, in Houston. We work everyday to create and perfect tricks for our games, but Jalen showed us something special.  Jalen can spin a basketball just like we do, but on his THUMB! Jalen is a special kid with a special talent, and for that we want to thank you.

We’ll be working on your trick as well; we’ll let you know when we get it down! For more of Jalen’s story, click here.

Tammy, Lawrence and Trevor Lampe: Trevor, the son of Tammy and Lawrence plays on the DC Dodgers; a team of 90 outstanding athletes who have either intellectual or physical disabilities.  Tammy and Lawrence took it upon themselves to find sponsors and make phone call after phone call to raise money in order to take the whole team to our game. They succeeded and we had the opportunity to meet them all at our game. We want to thank the Lampe family and the DC Dodgers for letting us perform for, and meet all the awesome athletes on their team! For more of the Lampe’s story, click here.

These are only a few of the many great stories that have come about during our tour this year.  Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to receive updates on the team and tour!

Thank you all,

-Original Harlem Globetrotters