Globetrotter Highlights of the Week: Two Inspirational Junior Phenoms, 4 Point Shot & The Amazing Race

There's always something exciting happening with the Globetrotters. Sometimes too many things! Every week, we'll recap the most popular posts so here are your Globetrotter Highlights of the week:

 of the Week


Read the stories of Kevin Grow and Seth Kraft, our two newest Junior Phenoms, and you will definitely be inspired and amazed!

 of the Week


There's been some conversation around adding a 4 point shot to the NBA. Give us a call if you want to talk, we've been doing it since 2010!


 of the Week


Watch #TeamGlobetrotters's recap of The Amazing Race All-Stars week 1, and check out a special preview of what's to come this Sunday. 

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Flight Time and Big Easy are back on the all-star edition of "The Amazing Race"! Root them on Sunday's 8/7C on CBS and follow along as we live-tweet on Twitter!