Globetrotter Highlights of the Week: Summer Clinics, Dream Big & Special Offers

There's always something exciting happening with the Globetrotters. Sometimes too many things! Every week, we'll recap the most popular posts so here are your Globetrotter Highlights of the week:

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Post by The Original Harlem Globetrotters.

 of the Week

Our Summer Clinics are selling out! Check the schedule & if you reply w/ #iWant2Go, you'll receive a special offer!

— Harlem Globetrotters (@Globies) May 16, 2014




 of the Week


Dizzy Grant was just like every 6-12 year old who will be coming to our Summer Basketball Clinics when he was their age. Now he's got an inspirational message for all of you!

Upcoming Events:

The Globetrotter Summer Clinics Presale is ending soon! Save $5 with code "FUN5"! Find a location near you and register here today.