Globetrotter Highlights of the Week: Best Trick Shot Ever, Junior Phenom & the Biggest Birthday

There's always something exciting happening with the Globetrotters. Sometimes too many things! Every week, we'll recap the most popular posts so here are your Globetrotter Highlights of the week:

 of the Week

Meet our newest Junior Phenom Award recipient. Kevin Grow has down syndrome and has been the manager of his high school basketball team since his freshman year. In his second to last game senior year, his coach let him play and what happened next shocked everyone...

 of the Week


Colin suffers from Aspergers & is turning 11 in March. When his mother asked if he wanted a party, he said, "what's the point, I have no friends". She created a Facebook page for people to help wish him a happy birthday. Help us make his birthday the biggest, best one ever!


 of the Week


This trick shot Hawk made at Madison Square Garden may be the best one we've ever seen!

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