Flight Time on Dancing With the Stars?

You’ve seen him dance in games. You know he’s got moves. Now it’s time to let our very own Flight Time share his moves with the world.  We’re calling on you, Globetrotter Nation, to help make this happen.  Please join us and invite your friends on our mission to get “Flight Time” Lang on the next season of Dancing with the Stars.  We’ve created a Facebook Page for this monumental occasion!  The goal is to get 100,000 fans to like his page.  We know you can do it Globetrotter Nation.

Flight Time has been devoting all his free time on the tour this year to perfecting his craft.  He has spent countless nights in hotel rooms in front of the mirror with music blaring and dance moves oozing out of his soul.  Lets make this happen!

“Flight Time” Lang for Dancing with the Stars!  Show your support by liking the page and check out our Flight Time mix on YouTube.

Counting down the days until we reach 100,000

-The Harlem Globetrotters