Female Globetrotters Visit Queen Latifah

Be sure to tune in on Friday, Oct. 24, to see Harlem Globetrotters TNT, T-Time and Sweet J show Queen Latifah some basketball wizardry and talk about the Globetrotters' upcoming tour on “The Queen Latifah Show.” The trio of female Globetrotters are joined on the show by Laurence Fishburne and the stars of “Shark Tank.”  Check local listing for air times or CLICK HERE.

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Hover over the image to find out more.

Behind the Scenes Interview about The Queen Latifah Show Experience:

Q: What surprised you most about your experience on The Queen Latifa Show?

TNT: The most surprising thing for me was finding out that Queen Latifah used to be a basketball player herself!Sweet J: I had no idea she played basketball in high school. She may have to join us on the court someday...T-Time: The most surprising thing was that we were able to catch up with Queen Latifah backstage before going on. We talked about basketball, joked around a little and she showed off a few of her post moves from when she played. We were impressed!

Q: What advice do you want to give young females around the world?

TNT: Never count yourself out. Pursue your dreams with confidence and passion.Sweet J: Put in extra work in your craft, especially your weaknesses. When you transform your weaknesses into strengths, that’s how you build confidence.T-Time: Work hard and never give up on your dreams – nothing is impossible.