Female Globetrotters - 9 Women Who Have Worn the Red, White, and Blue

In recognition of Women's History Month

There have been many articles written about one of our rookies, "TNT" Maddox, as she is the ninth female to don a Globetrotter jersey, and the first in about 20 years.  She is a very special player and while we are ecstatic to have her join us this year, we wanted to take the time to acknowledge the first eight female players who paved the way.  We have received many questions about who the other female Globetrotters were so we now bring you the first eight female Globetrotters in our 86-year history.

1.  Lynette Woodard

Lynette player her college basketball at the University of Kansas.  She was the first player to have her jersey retired after scoring 3,649 points during her four-year career.  Lynette played professionally overseas after college, and won a gold medal in 1984 in the Los Angeles Olympic Games.  Lynette joined the Globetrotters in 1985 and since then has played in the WNBA, been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

2.  Jackie White

Jackie played one year of college basketball at Louisiana State University before transferring to Cal-Poly where she won a Division II national championship in 1982.  She finished her career at Long Beach State before joining Lynette as the second female to play for the Globetrotters in 1986.

3.  Joyce Walker

Joyce played her college ball at Louisiana State University and holds the women’s NCAA career record of 1,259 field goals.  Joyce went on to play professionally overseas and since then has been inducted to the Louisiana State Hall of Fame.  She joined the Globetrotters shortly after Lynette and Jackie in 1986.

4.  Sandra Hodge

Sandra played her college ball at the University of New Orleans where she is among the top of the all-time lists for points, rebounds, assists and steals.  Sandra also had a career playing professionally overseas before joining the Globetrotters in 1987.

5. LaQuency Lucas

LaQuency played her college basketball at UNC-Charolette.  She joined the Globetrotters after her career with the 49ers in 1988.

6.  Ella Williams

Ella played her college ball at the University of South Alabama.  She joined the Globetrotters in 1989 and since has been inducted in the South Alabama Hall of Fame.

7.  Bridget Turner

Bridget played her college ball at University of Colorado where she led the team to their first two tournament appearances.  Bridget joined the Globetrotters after she graduated CU in 1989.

8. Jolette Law

Jolette played her college basketball at the University of Iowa where she led the team to four straight Big Ten titles.  Jolette joined the Globetrotters in 1990, and since then has been inducted into the Iowa Hall of Fame.  She is currently the University of Illinois’s head women’s basketball coach.

TNT is next in the line of great female Globetrotters.  It’s not too late to see her and her teammates in action as well!  Visit our tour schedule to see when the Globetrotters play in a city near you and subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on the team and players.


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