Double the Points, Double the Fun

During the Globetrotters 2013 'You Write the Rules' tour, fans have had the opportunity to vote for the rules they want implemented when we play in their city.  Thousands of votes have been cast and there's no telling what rule fans will choose each night.  For the Globetrotters, adapting to the new rules is tough so they've started campaigns for their favorites...

Opinion of one rule in the 'You Write the Rules'  voting race has worldwide agreement.  'Double Points'.  And the popular opinion: Why not?  So far the catchphrase 'Double the Points, Double the Fun', has been catching on.  Big Easy likes comparing the rule to the idea of buy one, get one free.

"You work hard for a basket, and then you get twice the points?  It's a buy one, get one free special!  That's the greatest rule I've ever heard in my life!"  

It's well known the nation loves it, but do they love it enough?  If you like buy one, get one free specials, doubling your fun or doubling the points, vote 'Double Points' today.

-The Harlem Globetrotters


-You Write the Rules-6 on 5 Defies the Odds-Three Point Shooting Ace, Owen Groesser, Receives Junior Phenom Award

-The Harlem Globetrotters

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