Is this the Craziest Thing to Ever Happen During a Basketball Game?

"I'm so tired I could sleep standing up." 

Those were the last words Big Easy uttered before he fell asleep in the middle of a basketball game...on the court. 

With two minutes to go in the fourth quarter, trainers and teammates all ran onto the court after Big Easy collapsed under their basket.  Upon arrival, they realized Big Easy was totally fine; he was just sleeping.

"I could hear him snoring," Handles said "and I knew right away he was okay.  Just taking a nap."  Once a player gets subbed out of a game, they aren't allowed to come back in, so Big Easy played the entire game before the starting center's fatigue took over.  "I was just so tired," Big Easy said "but my team needed me on the floor."  

FAKE STORY DISCLAIMER:  The story above did NOT happen, but it could have if the unlimited substitutions rule was never introduced.  Through the years, the rules of basketball have changed, and now they're changing again.  In the Globetrotters "You Write the Rules" tour, you get choose the rule you want to see in the game.  Anything could happen, so vote for #YOURRULE now. Click here to learn more about how the rules work. 

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