Bull Comes Up Just Short on "American Ninja Warrior"

Harlem Globetrotters star Bull Bullard, competing on the popular, heart-pounding obstacle course competition, “American Ninja Warrior,” was one of only 100 contestants out of thousands of athletes to make it to the national finals in Las Vegas.  Needing to finish the new brutal course (like earlier courses, containing obstacles he had never even seen before) in 2:10 on Sunday to continue on, Bull made it all the way to the final cargo net obstacle when time ran out on him just a few rungs from the top.

Congratulations to Bull on a phenomenal run through the competition, proving once again that Harlem Globetrotters are some of the greatest athletes on the planet.

Watch Bull's first round qualifying run from June 24 below:


Bull Bullard on          


"American Ninja Warrior" is based on a global hit from Tokyo Broadcast called, "Sasuke," and the competition is being held on American soil for the first time.  Last year’s dramatic competition saw just four finalists reach the third stage of the grueling challenge, only to be turned away by the arduous course.

Bull is in his fourth year with the Globetrotters and is one of the team's most versatile and athletic players.  Drafted by the Globetrotters as a high-flying dunker out of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in 2008, Bull has developed his basketball skills beyond his tremendous leaping ability to become a sensational dribbler and top 4-point shooter.  Bull is such a complete athlete that the NFL's New York Jets invited him to participate in their rookie camp in 2008 … despite Bull never having played organized football in high school or college.  The Detroit native is an expert tumbler, frequently pulling off back handspring flips the length of the court during Globetrotter games.