Be a Friend, Be a Teammate

A Globetrotter can't succeed without teammates.  Likewise, we all need support in everyday life.  Sometimes, kids get bullied because they don't have many friends and feel alone.  Here are some things that can help your kids stand up to bullying.

3 Things Kids Should Know

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among kids that involves a difference in power. In other words, bullying is being mean to people because you think you are better than them somehow. Bullying includes behavior like making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, or excluding someone from your group for no reason. It's also important to remember that bullying is not just physical and does not always happen face-to-face.  People can bully each other through technology, like making threats or insulting comments on the Internet, with videos, or with text messages. Kids can use the ABCs to help stop this type of bullying as well.

3 Things Kids SHOULD Do & 3 Things Kids SHOULD NOT Do

Know your ABCs to help stop bullying.

A is for ACTION.
Action means doing something. If your child sees someone getting bullied, it's important to take action to help.

Kids SHOULD take action by telling an adult.
Kids SHOULD NOT take action by stepping in the middle of a situation directly. That could be dangerous.

B is for BRAVERY.
Standing up for others is brave; standing by and doing nothing is not.

Kids SHOULD be encouraged to be brave by avoiding gossip, rumors, and lies. When people talk badly about somebody behind their back, they can't defend themselves. Encourage your kids to be brave if he or she sees trouble by finding an adult to intervene.
Encourage your kids NOT to be a bystander who encourages or inflames a fight by taunting from the sidelines. Being a bystander can be just as bad as bullying.

Compassion means caring about others and your community.

Encourage your kids to be a good friend and stay involved in positive activities that show that you care about other people.
Encourage your kids to BE KIND and NOT pick on kids who seem lonely or different. Consider encouraging your child to walk up and just say, “Hi!” to a child who is quiet or seems lonely. A new friend might just be made.
Also, check in with your kid regularly and find out how things are going. Encourage your child to let you know if another kid being bullied.
Remember: Being a friend is being a good teammate.

Learn more about the Harlem Globetrotters ABCs of Bullying Prevention.


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