Basketball is Changed Forever

History was made earlier today as the Globetrotters won the first game ever without dribbling the basketball once.  The Globetrotters have been known as some of the best dribblers in the world, innovating the game of basketball with their original moves and dribbling techniques.

Now they're innovating the game again...but by doing the opposite.  Innovating by not dribbling.  Since the dribbler isn't allowed to shoot, the Globetrotters have decided to adopt a new offense based entirely around passing.

"Why dribble when you aren't allowed to shoot?" Flight Time said, "That's like playing four on five the whole game!"

It seems like the Globetrotters are about to change the game of basketball yet again.   You can say goodbye to the dribble. 

FAKE STORY DISCLAIMER:  The story above did NOT happen, but it could have if the rule that the dribbler could shoot the basketball was never introduced.  Through the years, the rules of basketball have changed, and now they're changing again.  In the Globetrotters "You Write the Rules" tour, you get to choose the rule you want to see in the game.  Anything could happen, so vote for #YOURRULE now. Click here to learn more about how the rules work.

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