Awesome Summer Fun Activities for Kids: Crosswords, Word Searches & More!

Could the excitement get any higher? After working hard at school all year, kids are celebrating the beginning of summer...and their Globetrotter coaches are ready!

To help your kids get completely psyched up for the Summer Skills Clinics, the Globetrotters have put together a series of Awesome Summer Fun Activities especially for them! Over the next two weeks you'll receive fun and challenging games and activities that will help your kids get in the Globetrotter groove as the big date for their Summer Skills Clinic approaches.

Remember, the more friends...the more the fun. Summer Skills Clinics are great places for school friends to reunite for lots of fun and excitement whether it's for a special occasion like a birthday or just to gather together to catch up and have fun!

Awesome Summer Fun Activities for Kids - Part 1 of 2 (Go Here for Part 2)

Cypherific Cryptograms
Cool Clues Crossword
Every-Which-Way Word)

Download Cypher-ific Cryptograms

Download Cool Clues Crossword Puzzle

Every-Which-Way Word Searches

Download Novice (2 Pointer)

Download Intermediate (3 Pointer)

Download Pro (4 Pointer)

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Globetrotter coaches will teach kids some great new skills, moves, and impart important and memorable lessons that will help kids be great friends and teammates both on the court and off.

Share the fun. Pass this message--and the Globetrotters' Awesome Summer Fun Activities--along to friends and family. They'll thank you for it!



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