Amazing Early Letter to Santa Prompts Junior Phenom Awards

Santa receives millions of letters from children every year.  Wish lists full of toys, games and other presents for Christmas are neatly written out for the man in the North Pole. It's rare for these wish lists to ask for only one thing and even more rare for that thing to be for someone else.

But that's exactly what Ryan Suffern's early letter to Santa Clause did. Part of Ryan's letter read, "Dear Santa ... I wanted a (remote control) car and helicopter, but I don't want that (anymore). (Kids) at school are still picking on Amber and it’s not fair..."

Bullying in schools is a nation-wide problem and we developed our ABCs of Bullying Prevention program to help eliminate it.  When Ant and the Globetrotters caught wind of Ryan's letter, we decided to pay a visit to Ryan and Amber's school to deliver our bullying prevention program and give Ryan and Amber their very own Junior Phenom Awards. 

Ant spins the basketball on Ryan's finger. Watch the full CNN recap here. 

Ryan and Amber both demonstrated bravery and what we call "Globetrotter Spirit".  Globetrotter Spirit includes traits and actions, like helping others, assisting in the community, demonstrating outstanding teamwork, sportsmanship and being a positive role model.  

The Junior Phenom Awards are our way of saying thank you, and applauding those individuals who go above and beyond.  We want to acknowledge Ryan and Amber and thank them for setting such a great example.  They will be receiving our Junior Phenom Award for demonstrating Globetrotter Spirit, as well as tickets for their family to see the Globetrotters live in Raleigh when the team will play at PNC Arena on Sunday, March 2 at 3 p.m.  We hope his story inspires the Globetrotter spirit in you.  


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 -The Harlem Globetrotters