Let the Harlem Globetrotters help you raise money for your organization!

Tired of candy sales and car washes? Your organization can purchase tickets at a great group discount and re-sell them to help raise funds, all while enjoying a fun-filled show with the Globetrotters.  Perfect for schools, churches, youth leagues, charities, etc.

Two ways to raise funds:

1. Collect your own funds:

  • Your organization collects all the money for tickets to the show and is allowed to charge up to face value per ticket.
  • Sell tickets to your friends, family, and the community.
  • Place the order with your Harlem Globetrotters Group Sales Specialist for all tickets sold. You pay the discounted group price and keep the rest of the monies collected!
  • Tickets can either be mailed or held at will-call for your group!

2. Globetrotters collect the funds

  • Each person orders tickets directly through a Harlem Globetrotters Group Sales Specialist.
  • Customers that order through your organization will pay the discounted price
  • PLUS your fundraiser amount ($2)
  • After the game, the Globetrotters will return all the money that was raised to your organization!

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**Consignment tickets may be available upon request and subject to availability. Consignment tickets are actual tickets
printed and given to you before payment is received, but you are responsible for paying for any tickets not returned by
the due date.**

All fundraisers are subject to approval by Harlem Globetrotters International and the venue box office.

Fundraising Benefits

Your Organization:

  • Retains a portion of each ticket sold
  • Receives dedicated service from a Group Sales Specialist
  • Can customize event sign-up sheets and order forms to help promote your event with the Harlem Globetrotters.
  • Earn once in a lifetime group assets if minimum ticket quotas are achieved including meet and greets, group photo on the court and more!


Contact the Harlem Globetrotters Group Sales Department today at 800-641-4667 or click here to email a Group Ticket Sales Specialist.