Junior Phenom Awards

The Globetrotters are known as Ambassadors of Goodwill™, bringing their charitable spirit to every city they visit.  From time to time, the Globetrotters come across stories of amazing kids who spread their own goodwill, and demonstrate what we like to call, "Globetrotter Spirit".  Globetrotter Spirit embodies all the aspects of what being a Globetrotter is all about, including the character traits we try to teach children through programs like C.H.E.E.R. (Cooperation, Healthy mind and body, Effort, Enthusiasm, Responsibility) and our other community outreach programs.  

Globetrotter Spirit includes traits and actions, like helping others, assisting in the community, demonstrating outstanding teamwork, sportsmanship and being a positive role model.  Our players and fans exhibit Globetrotter Spirit on a daily basis, but every once in a while, they'll do something extra special.  The Junior Phenom Awards are our way of saying thank you, and applauding those individuals who go above and beyond.

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Junior Phenom Awards Gallery

Jacob Hughes:
Donated candy to Sandy victims 
Jared Stevens:
Wrestling champ with cerebral palsy 
Justin Kievit:
Wrestler exemplifies sportsmanship 
Owen Groesser:
3-point shooting ace
with down syndrome 
Ryan & Amber Suffern:
Siblings unselfish Christmas wish  

Olivet Middle School Football:
 Touchdown designed for teammate with learning disabilities

Kevin Grow:
Special Needs team manager nails four
3's in two minutes 

Seth Kraft:
4'1" student/coach shines