C.H.E.E.R.Goodwill Ambassadors

After a successful debut season of the “C.H.E.E.R.™ For Character” program during their 2004 World Tour, the Globetrotters will once again extol the benefits of character development to rave reviews by teachers, administrators and students.

The Globetrotters designed the program with assistance from the U.S. Department of Education. While there are several different character traits emphasized by various programs across the country, the Globetrotters' program focuses on Cooperation, Healthy mind & body, Effort, Enthusiasm, and Responsibility, using the acronym “C.H.E.E.R.”™

The program targets 6-12 year-old students and involves Globetrotter players incorporating their signature ball handling skills with a “C.H.E.E.R.”™ basketball. The basketball includes each of the character traits printed on the outside of the ball and is used as a key tool during the presentation to each school. Globetrotter players encourage students to match their actions with those five character traits in all their life experiences with parents, teachers and one another.

Character education involves getting kids to care about school and each other in order to better prepare the students for the challenges they will soon face as young adults.  Studies of character education programs across the nation indicate that character development training can work to improve attitudes toward elders while reducing violence, drug use and risky sexual behavior. Research also shows these programs can help students achieve better grades at every level of their education.

Combining the important messages of the program with student participation and signature Harlem Globetrotter ball handling and humor gives students a well-balanced program that informs and entertains.

To request an appearance, fax the Harlem Globetrotters Public Relations Department on school letterhead at 602-258-5925 and/or email your request to [email protected]