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The World's Tallest Professional Basketball Player, 7'8" Paul "Tiny" Sturgess, helps a little girl top the Christmas tree at the Guadalupano Family Center in Chicago. The Globetrotters, who were founded in Chicago in 1926, teamed up with Chicago's Christmas Ship Committee to make the special donation. The Christmas Tree Ship and the US Coast Guard recently delivered 1300 trees to deserving families on Dec. 1, celebrating their 100th anniversary. At 7ft 8in, Tiny is uniquely qualified to help the kids decorate the top of the tree, which will remain at the center during the holiday season. As a Panama native and fluent in Spanish, Special K will spin basketballs and talk to kids in the mostly bi-lingual community. Real trees are not permitted in community centers and schools due to city codes. As a result, the Globetrotters and Christmas Ship Committee teamed up to bring an artificial tree to life in this deserving community center.

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