Globetrotters Free Trick Shots Pro Mobile Game

The FREE Globetrotters Trick Shots Pro mobile game, compatible with Apple and Android devices, is coming soon!

Featuring brand new levels, tour mode and the ability to challenge your friends in head to head game play, this free mobile game will test your ability to become a Trick Shots master. Text "FAN" to 36698 to receive a free download when the game is launched! What's new in Trick Shots Pro?

  • 10 brand new levels 
  • Tour Mode with four tiers of increasingly difficult gameplay
  • Nextpeer Versus Mode where players can challenge friends in head to head one-minute games to see who can make more shots within the timer window
  • New and improved aiming methods
  • Access to all alternate basketballs (shoot with an 8-ball, fireball, baseball and more)

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