Globetrotter Highlights of the Week: No Jump Dunks, #SpreadingSmiles & Visiting a Skydiving Accident Survivor

There's always something exciting happening with the Globetrotters. Sometimes too many things! Every week, we'll recap the most popular posts so here are your Globetrotter Highlights of the week:

 of the Week

Makenzie fell over 3,000 feet in a skydiving accident. Her family posted on social media that she was disappointed she couldn't come to our game in Dallas. Bull rescheduled a flight to pay her a special visit...

 of the Week  

What's the only thing better than seeing laughs and smiles at our games? Seeing them off the court. #SpreadingSmiles

 of the Week    
7'4" Stretch may have the dunk of the year with this no-jump-two-ball dunk!  

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