Get to Know the Rookies: T-Time

In the Globetrotters 'Get to Know the Rookies' series, we will get up close and personal with the Harlem Globetrotters 2013 Rookie Class.  Hailing from five states, this talented group of rookies features record holders, dunk contest participants and some talented females.  We've asked each of them to share some stories with us, so without further adieu, let's get to know your rookies! this week...

Tammy 'T-Time' Brawner


The Facts:

Birthday: 7/26/86
Age: 26
Hometown: Oakland, California
College: CSU Northridge & Dominican University

The Questions:

How and when did you get introduced to basketball?T-Time: I used to play at the YMCA during summer camps in elementary school.  I played with the boys and every time I would score, it was a big deal.  I grew to love the game.

What other interests to you have outside of basketball?T-Time:  Puzzles, X-box and texting!

As a child, who was your hero and/or role model?T-Time:  My mother.  I have always admired her strength, courage and passion. 

I'm most passionate about?T-Time: My family and education.

How do you motivate yourself?T-Time: Think of all the people who said I couldn't and I can't.

If I could be any fictional character, I would be...T-Time: Cat Woman.


Food. Pizza
Movies.  A Few Good Men, Out of Time
Actors.  Denzel Washington
T.V. Shows.  CSI, Law & Order
Healthy Snack.  Diced apples

Now that you know Tammy 'T-Time' Brawner, follow her and send her a message by visiting her player profile.  Check back next week to learn about another member of the 2013 Rookie Class.

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-The Harlem Globetrotters

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