Connect With Your Favorite Globetrotter on Facebook

The Globetrotters want to connect with YOU!  Over the years the players have had the opportunity to meet fans after games and during visits in communities all across the nation.  The players love getting to know each and every one of the fans, and want to be able to stay in touch even when they’re not in a city near you.   If you want to stay updated with the team, follow your favorite player or see special videos and articles of the Globetrotters now you can! 

Facebook Fan Pages have been created for all the Globetrotters on the team!  Find your favorite players or like them all to stay connected and interact with all the members of the Globetrotter team. Click on any of the links below to visit and like the players’ fan page. 


Ant Thumbs Up
Big Easy Thumbs Up
Buckets Thumbs Up
Bull Thumbs Up
Cheese Thumbs Up
Firefly Thumbs Up
Flight Time Thumbs Up
Hacksaw Thumbs Up
Hammer Thumbs Up
Handles Thumbs Up
Hi-Lite Thumbs Up
Moose Thumbs Up
Quake Thumbs Up
Scooter Thumbs Up
Slick Thumbs Up
Stretch Thumbs Up
The Shot Thumbs Up
TNT Thumbs Up
Too Tall Thumbs Up
T-Time Thumbs Up

-The Original Harlem Globetrotters




-You Write the Rules
-6 on 5 Defies the Odds
-Three Point Shooting Ace, Owen Groesser, Receives Junior Phenom Award

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