Buckets and Cheese Visit Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Harlem Globetrotters stars Buckets Blakes and Cheese Chisholm visited the famous Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., on July 20, touring the facility, taking photos, signing autographs, and sharing stories with wounded soldiers.

“Seeing these brave soldiers inspires me to never give up on anything,” said Buckets. “I walked in the doors expecting to bring smiles to everyone’s faces, but the soldiers and the Walter Reed staff brought a bigger smile to mine. Everyone here exhibits tremendous spirit.”

Added Cheese, “I am in awe of this facility and the care given to the soldiers, and I am amazed by the rehab that is done to build their confidence and help them get back to a normal way of life.”

At the end of their visit, the Globetrotters presented an authentic autographed Spalding Harlem Globetrotters basketball to facility administrator Roger Lemacks. The ball will be permanently exhibited in a display case housing memorabilia from dozens of other athletes and celebrities that have visited Walter Reed.

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