One of the greatest Clown Princes in Harlem Globetrotters history, Robert "Showboat" Hall became one of the most popular players to ever wear the red, white, and blue uniform. A native of Detroit, he succeeded Goose Tatum as the top Clown Prince in 1955. Hall played in over 5,000 games in nearly 90 different countries during his outstanding career.

The former Miller High School star filled the dual role of court comedian and coach beginning in 1968, holding that role until he retired in 1974. A 6-2 pivot man, Hall learned his basketball trade at Detroit's famed Brewster Center, a training ground of many top-notch Motor City athletes. He joined the Globetrotters in 1947 and quickly became the master of the fast passing game and could do every ball trick in the book. "Showboat" Hall could do more with his feet than most players did with their hands, and he had the court sense that belonged to only a few legendary athletes of the game. Hall received his "Legends" ring during a special halftime ceremony at the Palace of Auburn Hills near Detroit on February 1, 1998.

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