Globetrotter Basketball Clinics Reviews & Testimonials

We asked the parents of clinic participants..."what was the highlight for you and your kids"? Here is what they had to say:

Summer Basketball Clinics

"Seeing my kids have fun!!"

"Seeing my son's smile and his face light up.  For him I think it was dribbling and shooting the  basketball with the Globetrotters."

"My grandkids loved the clinic!  Seeing the kids come off the floor with huge smiles and a new found confidence."

"My son absolutely loved it!  I think the most fun was doing the tricks!!"

"The clinic offered so much fun in such a short period of time...skills, scrimmages, games, Globetrotter tricks and fun tricks for kids. Great job!"

"My kids loved it!!  I loved watching them have so much fun."

"Playing basketball with one of the greatest BB teams that ever lived!!!"

"Everything was just awesome!  He was smiling the whole time!"

"The interaction of the Globetrotters with the kids is outstanding.  I have been impressed both years with them and how great they are with the kids."

"Watching my son have such a great time.  He is very shy in new situations with strangers and he loved it and cannot wait to go again!!"

"My son loves everything about the Globetrotters. This was his 2nd year of coming to the clinic & he once again loved every minute of it!!!!!"

"They loved it!  The Globetrotters were awesome and so attentive and funny.  The kids loved the end when they got to learn a few ball tricks and do some funny drills in a circle.  It was fantastic.  Worth every penny."

"My son has always loved the Globetrotters and we go to see them live every year they are in town.  This opportunity was like him meeting on of his heros and the GT never disappoint.  They always make the kids feel as if they have time for them, interest in them, and serve a purpose to make the world a better place.  We'll continue to be supporters of the Globetrotters."

"He said it was the best thing he's ever done!  He loves basketball and the Globetrotter's."

"EVERYTHING!!!! My son was trying to do the tricks in the parking lot as we left !!"

"the big hug I got from my grandson after the clinic"

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